Early Bird Pricing

New prices are applicable from 1st Jan 2018. But, avail the discounts with our early bird pricing.

Book any of the events (PA/PD Day, March Camp or Summer Camp) in advance and avail the early bird pricing (automatically applied at the time of registration).

Institute of Robotics & Intelligent Systems Inc. offers courses for preparation of competitions like FIRST Lego League (FLL) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in different categories. Also, some courses have final competitive challenges to foster competitive spirit while maintaining team professionalism.

IRIS courses are helpful for kids for developing key learning values like Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills, Management, Programming, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Collaborations, Ideas Implementations and many more. IRIS programs offer academic enrichment options that go wide and deep and have benefited students across a wide spectrum in terms age and interests.

Elementary School students discover their aptitude, get a feel of what they are good at and where they need to improve in matters of communication, creativity, teamwork and innovation.

Middle Schoolers develop skills that help them showcase their abilities in communities and competitions; they get a deeper understanding of immediate and long term education options in their chosen disciplines and prepare better to get admitted in best of breed high schools in their areas of concentration.

High Schoolers make better career choices by working with professionals that live the very careers they aspire to; they also build a body of work and develop a track record of related experience that helps them in and through college.