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Course Overview

The LittleBits education set provides a fun and easy way to learn and prototype with electronics. The kit provides students with numerous flexible and adaptable modules for beginners to build and create simple circuits. This kit does not require soldering, wiring or programing. As students advance through modules, they will have the opportunity to explore activities such as combinations with laser cutters, 3D printers, mills and sewing stations to generate creative and complex results.


  •   Demonstration of the modules
  •   Sample circuits
  •   Prompt: Theme + Design Challenge 
  •   Open-ended goal 
  •   Design process – brainstorming/problem solving/critical thinking 
  •   Prototyping and iterations • Team based 
  •   Post and share projects on the littleBits’ community page 

Course Objectives:

  •   Basic understanding of modules
  •   Designing, constructing and completing projects
  •   Positive experience
  •   Sharing ideas in a creative and constructive environment

Age Group: 5 Years to 8 Years

*The programs conducted at IRIS are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by LEGO® Education or the LEGO® Group.