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Course Overview

VEX IQ is a robotics system designed to offer young students an inclusive introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The system encourages students to work together and exercise their creativity, problem solving and leadership skills through teamwork-driven activities. Students will use the VEX IQ systems to build multiple robots and learn applications through the project-based curriculum. The expansive set allows students to explore multiple robots; students will be excited about the flexibility and personalization offered by the VEX IQ kits. Once you are done building, get ready to program, VEX IQ offers both autonomous and driver control and acts as a great stepping stone for students interested in programming!

Getting started with the VEX IQ

  • Installing Drivers
  • Connecting the IQ to your PC
  • Updating Firmware
  • Downloading and running code

Motors and servers

  • Setting your motors' speed and direction
  • Resetting and using your Encoders
  • Setting the motor's position and strength

WIRELESS controller (Remote control)

  • Getting and using your Joystick values
  • Setting up your controller's buttons

Touch LED sensor

  • Getting the touch LED Value
  • Setting the brightness
  • Setting the color
  • Setting the Fade and blink rate

Color sensor

  • Getting the color value
  • Changing the saturation value
  • Changing the hue value
  • Touch LED sensor applications

Distance Sensor

  • Inputting distance from sensor
  • Calculating conversions between different units
  • Detecting walls/obstacles

Gyro Sensor

  • Detecting angle of turning
  • Calculating angular velocity
  • Using sensor to make more precise movements


  • Check different positions of bumpers
  • Learning about Boolean logic (AND, OR, XOR, XNOR)
  • Detecting walls/obstacles